Hi, I’m Dr. Julia Spinolo!


Over the last twenty years as both a health care provider and a cancer survivor, I have developed a very unique view of the energetic and scientific aspects of medicine. Not only have I administered chemotherapy and supportive care strategies to countless patients, but I’ve been on the receiving end of those therapies too. And here’s what I have learned:

Science-based medicine and energetic healing modalities can, and should, be combined to facilitate total mind, body, emotional, and spiritual wellness.

Through my experience, I found that western medicine can achieve incredible results, but it is focused on illness rather than holistic medicine. Energy healing greatly improved my quality of life during cancer treatment, and more importantly in my daily life as I continued to heal. I believe that practices like Reiki, which enhances balance and optimal health, is a key piece to attaining a greater sense of wellbeing. In addition to working with clients in Reiki Energy Sessions, I also work one on one with individuals seeking spiritual support and intuitive guidance in their businesses or personal lives.

I’m also the host of Medical Girl Mystical World, a video series now streaming on The Lighter Side Network! This series aims to bridge the gap between Eastern and Western medicine and how using both can lead to the being the best YOU. Whether it’s a frank look at our diet and habits, or how our past life karma and spiritual contracts influence our health in THIS life. Join me as I connect with leading health and healing practitioners on the show, “where health is not just about medicine.”


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Work with Julia

Julia provides energy healing sessions, customized coaching, and spiritual support. Whether you're looking to feel better, to release energetic patterns that no longer serve you or you're seeking guidance on your spiritual path, Julia can help. 


Reiki Energy Sessions

Meet with Julia in person or remotely to discuss your intentions for your session. Julia will assess your overall energy field and any blockages you may have. As you get comfortable and start to relax, Julia will align your energy centers. At the completion of your session, Julia will discuss what she found and give you tools to use to keep you feeling well and centered.

Intuitive Coaching & Spiritual Guidance

Meet with Julia remotely or in person to continue to learn how to stay centered or to discuss your spiritual growth and awakenings. If you have questions regarding metaphysics and energy work, Julia can help. If you're starting your new energy healing career, Julia can guide you in the process of creating your business. These sessions are customized for the individual and their unique needs.