Do you need more clarity and peace in your daily life? Do you want to feel empowered and move forward with your health and wellness in a positive, holistic way?



If you answered yes to either of those questions, then welcome! You are in the right place. As both someone who intimately understands the science and energetic aspects of healing, I am here to help you find a greater sense of balance and discover your Centered Self®!


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Reiki Energy Healing can help restore physical, mental and emotional imbalances by clearing and centering the body’s energy sources. Energy healing works at the root of these imbalances so individuals can heal at the deepest level and move on to live happier, healthier lives. Many clients have experienced amazing changes in all aspects of their lives. Are you ready to thrive?

Intuitive Coaching & Spiritual Guidance


Whether you’re thinking about starting your own energy healing business or you’ve experienced a psychic and/or spiritual awakening, I’m here to listen and help escort you on your journey. With one foot in real world and the other in the ethereal world, I can provide practical and intuitive guidance to help you make sense of the changes you’re experiencing.