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Are you feeling stuck in your life or want some honest feedback on a certain issue? Are you having a spiritual awakening and need to talk to someone about your experiences?

Many people seek my services to talk about spiritual growth and awakenings because I get it, I’ve been there. As someone who has studied metaphysical and intuitive work for three decades, I’ve experienced it all. If you are seeking a nonjudgemental, safe, and confidential space for you to share your thoughts and experiences, as well as ask questions about your thoughts and exerpeinces, I am here to help. Here are some examples of why clients seek my guidance:

  • Have you had a life threatening or life changing illness or event that has left you feeling different, not like your usual self?  

  • Have you begun to have vivid dreams or begun to experience deja vu, coincidences and synchronicities?

  • Are you starting to see colors around people and feeling more sensitive to people’s energy?

  • Are you starting to predict occurrences and events?

  • Are you starting to see people and life in general differently?  Are you seeing things more clearly than before?

In customized sessions with me, we will explore your questions and concerns through an intuitive lens. I will utilize my intuitive gifts to identify patterns of behavior, get to the root of your problem(s), and to help you make sense of these changes and guide you on how to manage them so that you may live a healthier and happier life. In these sessions, I empower you with tools to help you find alignment and become your best centered self.


 Are you ready to work together?


Frequently Asked Questions

What types of topics can we explore in these sessions?

The possibilities are endless! We can talk about anything that is on your mind or going on with you physically, spiritually, or emotionally. Whether it’s looking at issues that “always happen” to you, relationships, business guidance, or how to get a jump start on your goals, I’m here to help.

What are "intuitive gifts" and how do they work?

Great question! As an intuitive and  empath, I have the ability to feel what you feel currently and your deeply held emotions over time. Remember, everything is energy. Events that happen in our life and the emotions that we feel during those events stay within our energetic field. We are energetic bodies and our emotional energetic information is found in our energy fields. I can read and feel these energies. My gifts allow me to find these disruptive patterns, fully assess them, and work with you so you’re able to let go and move forward.

How can I develop my own intuition?

Everyone has intuition. Sometimes our intuition is blocked by energetic patterns that no longer serve us. By clearing these blocks, our intuition blossoms. Practicing healthy self care practices, eating well, getting enough rest, sleep, and play can help. With my clients I explore different practices and create a custom made plan just for you that will help you develop and feel deeply connected to your intuition.

Do you offer business consulting too?

Yes! Having created my business from scratch and being a resource for many other new holistic business owners, I am able to guide you on all the steps you need to have a legitimate business. I work as a navigator, pointing you in the right direction. Let’s get all the t’s crossed and i’s dotted!

What can I expect during this session?

First we will look at your intention for the session and your goals.  Each session is different and customized to your needs. During your hour session, I will assess where you are currently and then guide you on the steps you need to take to get started on creating a life and business you love.

Are these sessions available remotely?

They can be done in person at either of my two Atlanta locations or distantly via Zoom.

How often do I need these sessions?

That depends. Some people see me once and then are on their way to living a happy, healthier life or starting their business. It’s really up to you on when you see me. Whenever you need me, I’m here. No pressure.

How soon will I see results?

Remember, I’m your guide but you do the work.  How soon you see results depends on you. What I will give you is the motivation and support you need to succeed.